A Sea full of life was waiting for us out there today! The whales are getting closer to shore again! It’s not always easy out there on the water, sometimes we really spend the entire trip scouring every inch of water within our range just to find a single far off whale. Today was not one of those days, we had at least 5 whales hanging out a bit north of mission bay and not too far off the coast! We got a few extremely close encounters with blue whales! We would just find where the whales went down and float motionless and wait for their next surface. They repayed the respect and gentleness we gave them with a SUPER close encounter. One of the whales made a hard left turn toward our boat and swam up to about 15 feet from the bow before going on a dive.
When a 90ft long blue whale surfaces that close you can feel the vibrations in the air reverberating from their exhale, it’s EXHILERATING!
We had short beaked common dolphins today too, these little jumping beans are always delightful! It’s easy to spot a pod of short beaked common dolphins from far away because they almost look like popcorn kernels popping in a hot pan! They leap out of the water and backflip, belly flop, tail walk, cannonball & so much more! Anything to make the biggest splash possible!

See you soon!
There’s nothing like summer whale watching in San Diego!

Naturalist, Alison