We’ve got the Summertime Blues! Blue whales were seen all around us on both trips today!

On the morning trip, we set out to the northwest and sighted a couple of huge spouts on the horizon in front of us! We had an amazing encounter with at least 5 Blue whales with more spouts seen in the distance! We were very lucky to see TWO Blues hanging out next to each other and then cruise very slowly next our boat! One of them even lifted their flukes as it went down for its sounding dive! We hung out with two big pods of Short-beaked Common dolphins too! A pod of ~200 and a pod of ~400 shorties graced us with their energetic and acrotatic behavior!

On the afternoon trip, we went out to the same zone and spotted big splashes near the horizon! Behind it, a spout emerged and we screamed with excitement! Then spout after spout they began popping up all around us! We played Blue whale hopscotch as one whale would surface, then another would pop up nearby. One whale would go down so we would hop over the next whale! We got see the gorgeous tail flukes on most of our views! There were a so many cow/calf pairs in the Short-beaked Common dolphin pod. On our way home, we spotted a pod of ~50 Long-beaked Common dolphins!

Our last trip of the day ended on a high note as well! The wildlife is sticking around! We quickly spotted a small pod of long beaked common dolphins but left quickly to make sure we had time to scour the oceans for the big ones! We headed west to the drop off and found 3 blue whales! They held out on us till the very end, but the whole boat erupted in cheers when the last blue whale threw its fluke high into the air!

Come out NOW, the conditions are nice with whales and dolphins out and about!