March 23, 2019

Guests enjoyed a beautiful day on the water! During the single morning trip, we sighted ~20 Pacific white-sided dolphins, ~100 Common dolphins, and one Humpback whale! Our first encounter was of a feeding frenzy sighted only a mile from Mission Bay. There were Pacific...

March 18, 2019

Gray whales were sighted on both trips today! During the morning trip, we sighted four Northbound Gray whales, and a trio of Inshore Bottlenose dolphins. One of the was a "friendly" Gray whale that came over to the boat to check us out! It swam within 10-ft from the...

March 17, 2019

We couldn't believe how beautiful it was on the ocean today! On our morning trip, we passed through pod after pod of hunting Common Dolphins! ~700-800 dolphins swooped through massive bait balls along with California Sea Lions and various types of sea birds. On our...

March 16, 2019

It was a gorgeous day on the Pacific! We observed many incredible sightings of both baleen whales and toothed whales. During the morning trip, we encountered ~15 Common dolphins, a single Gray whale that was swimming among a pod of ~15 Offshore Bottlenose dolphin. The...

March 15, 2019

What a great way to kick off the weekend! We observed a cow/calf pair of Humpback whales, ~300 Common dolphins, and a pair of northbound Gray whales! We set out on the Privateer this morning and were greeted to calm seas, and incredible visibility! Our first marine...

March 14, 2019

We thought yesterday would be the end of the road for our spectacular Humpback Whale sightings but it seems like its just getting started! We experienced two trips FULL of Humpback Whale and Common Dolphin activity. In the morning, we passed by 5 Inshore Bottlenose...

March 13, 2019

We're sorry for the delay! We've been itching to share these photos with you and couldn't wait for the social media shutdown to end. Yesterday marks one of the best Humpback Whale encounters we've ever had. Three humpbacks, including one cow-calf pair and a third...

March 12, 2019

BEST. DAY. EVER!!! Lucky passengers embarked on one of our best trips of all time here at San Diego Whale Watch! We observed multiple baleen whales and toothed whales as they were within 5-miles from shore! In total, there were 21 Humpback whales (not including more...

Saturday, May 10th

Another fabulous day out on the ocean! This morning we had lots and lots of common dolphins all around the boat, and our afternoon trip we were able to see three northbound gray whales. We keep waiting for our blue whales to show up. It could be any day now!

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Friday, May 9th

WOW! 14 gray whales today! Over 2,000 common dolphins! What a crazy day out there! It seems that there might be one last push from the gray whales on their northern migration. We had a few weeks with only minimal sightings, but today was definitely different! See you...

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Thursday, May 8th

A breaching juvenile gray whale right outside the Mission Bay Channel started today's cruise with a bang! The young whale breached six times! Heading further out, we came across a pod of 250 common dolphins, they thrilled guests with high jumps, tail slapping, and...

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Sunday, May 4th

Lots of whales today! We ended up with eight gray whales in total for the day! 2 on the morning trip, and 6 for our afternoon tour. We also saw about 400 common dolphins this morning. Above average seas made it a challenge, but we managed to make a great day of it!

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Saturday, May 3rd

Sorry friends, but we saw too many incredible things today to edit it down to just a couple of photos, so here's a TON for you to enjoy! This morning we saw 400 common dolphins and 60 offshore bottlenose dolphins that put on the show of a lifetime with their high...

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Friday, May 2nd

Whale! We finally found one today out at about 7 miles offshore. One lone minke gave us some pretty good looks. After that we saw about 300 common dolphins that were extremely playful and giving us a good show. Come join us out on the open ocean, perfect conditions!

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Thursday, May 1st

Fantastic conditions on the water today--could see from Ensenada to Orange County--calm seas, comfortable temperature, and well over 1,000 common dolphins. No baleen whales this morning, but there's always tomorrow!

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Wednesday, April 30th

Unfortunately, we were unable to make it out onto the water today, as the high winds made the seas extremely unsafe. We look forward to getting out there tomorrow!

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Tuesday, April 29th

Ocean calming down from weekend storm, and much more comfortable at sea than inland with the high temperatures today….and we did see dolphins….lots of common dolphins! Probably 800 on the morning trip and at least another 500 on the afternoon trip. Come out and join...

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Monday, April 28th

Good looks at offshore bottlenose and common dolphins today. We didn't spot any baleen whales on this morning's trip; perhaps a pause in the gray whale migration. Tomorrow is supposed to be really warm--come out with us and cool off!

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Friday, April 25th

There's a storm blowing in tonight, but we were able to squeeze in two action-packed trips before the winds arrive! On this morning's trip we saw about 400 common dolphins, two gray whales (a mom and calf), and the highlight of the day - about 20 Pacific white-sided...

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Wednesday, April 23rd

Whales AND dolphins today! We came across a pod of about 20-25 offshore bottlenose dolphins and got to spend time with them as they played in some large waves. Then we got our whale fix when two curious minke whales approached the boat to do some people-watching! As...

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