February 20, 2020

Thursday, February 20, 2020 AM Trip Sightings:Pacific white sided dolphins-8Gray Whales-3

February 16, 2020

Feb 16, 2020 sightings 12:00 PM Trip 3 Gray Whales, 6 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, 5 Common Dolphins 4:00 PM Trip6 Gray Whales

February 11 2020

We're back in Gray Whale soup this week! February 11 2020 sightings: 9:00 AM Trip 3 southbound Gray Whales, 10 Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins, 12 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins 12:00 PM Trip9 Southbound Gray Whales, 12 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins

February 8, 2020

Saturday, February 8, 2020 AM Trip:Gray whales- 5Bottlenose-3Pacific white sided dolphins-2 PM tripBottlenose-1Gray whale- 2Common dolphins-500 Sunset tripGray whales- 2Pacific sided dolphins-15

February 6, 2020

AM Trip: Gray whales- 6 ( Cow calf pair)Common dolphins-150

January 29, 2020

AM TRIP: Gray Whales- 6Pacific white sided dolphins-10

January 28, 2020

AM Sightings Gray whales- 6 Pacific white sided- 20PM Sightings Gray Whales-7 ( 2 Calf cow pairs) Pacific white sided dolphins-20

January 24, 2020

Friday, January 24, 2020Sightings:AM TRIP:6 Gray Whales 10 Pacific white sided dolphins

Friday, July 11th

Have you ever seen 3 blue whales in one picture? Well we had lots of opportunity for that shot today, as we saw over 20 blue whales off the coast of San Diego. It's been a great two weeks for us, and today was one of those awesome days that you'll be talking about for...

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Thursday July 10th

Another phenomenal day on the water. More than 200 common dolphins and ten blue whales, including a juvenile blue whale that was breaching repeatedly in the distance! By the time we caught up to it, the whale seemed to have tuckered out, but we could see the gigantic...

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Wednesday, July 9th

If you were on the Privateer today, you got to experience the best in San Diego whale watching. Today was exceptional in many ways. We had multiple pods of dolphins that were energetic and it seemed they were happy to see us. I'd say we saw at least 1,000 today. We...

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Tuesday, July 8th

We've got the blues, and we're not crying or whining….blue whales---seven on our morning cruise, and six on the afternoon run (plus a couple coastal bottlenose dolphins greeted us as we headed out the Mission Bay channel. Can't beat the weather conditions or the calm...

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Monday, July 7th

Some people aren't too thrilled with Mondays, but not the case on the Privateer today. Five blue whales in the morning, 200 common dolphins, 50 offshore bottlenose dolphins, and five mola molas--all in a row, were observed. The afternoon trip didn't disappoint...

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Sunday, July 6th

The blues were here in full force today! Between our two trips we saw at least 30 of these giants! And if that wasn't enough, each of our trips also saw about 100 common dolphins as well just to spice things up. These blues were actively feeding on krill in the area,...

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Friday, July 4th

Another incredible day on the water! We saw four species of whales today,including bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins,a humpback whale, and several feeding blue whales. Happy 4th of July, everyone!

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Thursday, July 3rd

The blues are back!! We got good looks at a blue whale, especially enjoyed seeing the tail flukes when it took a deep dive…and there were a couple more blues in the general vicinity. From large to small… on the trip in, we saw a massive pod of common...

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Wednesday July 2nd

Another day of dolphins! In the morning we saw a few inshore bottlenose dolphins and 300-400 common dolphins. In the afternoon we found an even larger pod of common dolphins - at least 500 in the bunch.

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Tuesday, July 1st

Mixed bag of wildlife today - in the morning we saw an osprey, three mola mola, and 500 common dolphins. In the afternoon we found more than 400 common dolphins and 40 bottlenose dolphins on the way home!

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Monday June 30th

No blue whales today - guess a couple thousand dolphins will have to suffice! Between our two trips today we saw more than 2,000 common dolphins putting on a lively show. Every day is different... Can't wait to search again tomorrow

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Sunday, June 29th

What an amazing blue whale experience today. Both trips saw lots of blue whales! 13 in total for the day, including a cow/calf pair in the afternoon. We had some close encounters as Captain Mark turned off the boat and a few of them seemed inquisitive. Our morning...

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