It was very foggy and quiet on the water this morning but our afternoon trip was filled with dolphin activity! Shortly after exiting the Mission Bay jetties, a pair of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins surfaced for a brief encounter until we noticed many more ahead of us. We observed roughly 10-12 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins interacting with 5-6 California Sea Lions, right off the coast of Pacific Beach! To our surprise, they were very easy to watch and eager to surf along with us. Cruising further up the coast, we spotted a second species of toothed whale! Roughly 20-25 Common Dolphins circled our boat and came up to bow-ride while we watched them! Although we didn’t see too much to the west, we re-sighted the larger pod of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins on our return trip, right outside of the jetties! We wish every day could be filled to the brim with wildlife. There are still a few spots available for our morning trip tomorrow if you’d like to join us! See you on the water, whale watchers.