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Report Whale Locations in Real Time

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Whale Safe

Enforce Speed Limits on Cargo Ships

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Carbon Footprint

How to Reduce Today

Derelict Fishing Gear
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Derelict Fishing Gear


Report Derelict Fishing Gear

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Sustainable Seafood

How to Choose Responsibly

Plastic Pollution
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Plastic Reduction Strategies

How to Use Less

Sustainable Travel

How to Travel Responsibly

San Diego Whale Watch Programs
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SDWW Beach Cleanups

Help us Keep our Local Beaches Clean

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Education Outside the Classroom

Whale Watching Field Trips to Educate Children 

Oceanic Society Programs
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Underserved Students

 Free Experiences on the Ocean

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Conservation Travel

Connect with Nature through Travel

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Sea Turtle Conservation

Oceanic Society’s Global Initiative 

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Adopt a Whale

Symbolically Adopt A Humpback Whale

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Why San Diego Whale Watch?

Located in San Diego’s Mission Bay, we’re closer to the ocean than other whale watching companies, which means you spend more time searching for whales and dolphins!