Beautiful sea conditions with amazing visibility made for a wonderful trip! Right out of the jetties, we sighted a couple of Inshore Bottlenose dolphins that popped up beside us. We got out to 3-miles from shore and encountered a pair of southbound Gray whales! We got great looks as they came up for 5-7 breaths, and had 5-7 min dive times. They synched up their breaths many times. We even got to see them both lift up their tail one after the other! We set out to the NW to investigate splashes and bird activity. The birds were impressive as they dove in the water to feed. There were thousands of birds out there, but surprisingly no dolphins were sighted in the mix. Another two Gray whales were sighted to the south of us as we headed toward the Mission Bay channel. We watched their many spouts and the final wave goodbye as they dove down, lifting their flukes.
Hope to see you on the next trip!
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