Gray Sunday! Both our morning and afternoon trips got to hang out with gray whales. Our morning trip got to play hide and seek with a shy juvenile gray and then we hung out with a really energetic pod of about 250 long beaked common dolphins. Our afternoon trip got to stick with 3 gray whales for multiple cycles. The first was a little shy about showing us it’s tail fluke, but the other two loved showing them off. During our sunset trip, we caught up with another trio of southbound Gray whales! They were simultaneously surfacing, and showing flukes on most dives! They were cruising slowly only 2.5-miles from shore! A handful of Long-beaked Common dolphins were hanging out with them. We checked out the drop-off and sighted another pod of ~30 Commons around us, but more were scattered out in the distance. The sunset was beautiful!
Brooke & Vanessa217A6960 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 1 217A7298 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 3 IMG 0121 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 5 IMG 9992 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 7 217A6797 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 9