It was a foggy one out there this morning! Our morning trip set out into the mist in search of wildlife. We came across a small pod of about 100 long beaked common dolphins. We pushed further West and found a group of about 30 short beaked common dolphins! It was really nice seeing the shorties again! Our afternoon trip set out on a mission to the west and we were not disappointed. We began our trip with a handful of inshore bottlenose dolphins welcoming us to the Pacific. We were around 7 miles from Mission Bay when we came across a pod of around 400 long beaked common dolphins and a cow-calf pair of humpback whales! We got some really great looks and even a small side slap from mom! We started our way back in and found a small group of about 10 pacific white sided dolphins. We arrive at the jetties and were welcomed back into Mission Bay by more inshore bottlenose. Our sunset trip set out on the same mission and had an almost identical trip! The whales and dolphins moved further south, so were 12.5 miles from home base when we found the whales again. This time, the calf was playing with the common dolphins! We headed back to Mission Bay and were, again, welcomed by those inshore bottlenose dolphins. Really a great day out there!

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