We had a big day out there on the Privateer! Our morning trip caught up with a megapod of long beaked common dolphins off the drop-off. There were lots of babies! We also found a cow-calf pair of humpback whales! They were very surface active. Our afternoon trip caught up with an even bigger megapod, there were at least 3,000 dolphins spread across the area! We caught up with the same cow-calf pair hanging around the dolphins. There was a big feeding frenzy going on! We got to see the mom spy hop and lunge feed through several bait balls in the area! They came right up to us and swam underneath the boat as well. Our sunset trip set out West to find the same cow-calf pair and we were successful. The baby was showing us little jumps and we even got to see its eye (see picture below)! Mom was sitting up at the surface, showing off her baleen. It appears to be the same cow-calf pair we saw yesterday, where mom has a small overbite and is missing some of her baleen. We caught up with another megapod just to the north of the cow-calf pair but they were on a mission to the north. On our way back in we found a really active pod of 70 offshore bottlenose dolphins! They were jumping and breaching all over the place. We had a nice ride in as the rain was just beginning. Hope to sea you soon!

Vanessa & Brooke

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