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We were rockin’ and rollin’ out there today! Big swell and windy seas made for a nautical time on the water. During the morning trip, it was a little quiet, but we managed to find a small pod of ~50 Common dolphins on our way back in. During the afternoon, we set out to the west, and got lucky and found a handful of Common dolphins and then a spout appeared. We caught up with a Fin whale circling the area. During the sunset, we encountered a cow/calf pair of Bottlenose dolphins at the mouth of the jetties. We zoomed out past the drop-off and sighted multiple spouts on the horizon. We hung out with a cow/calf pair of Fin whales! There had to of been 5 or so more whales out to the west of us. We think they were Fin whales because we could see their massive, tall and columnar spouts.
Hope to sea you on the next one!