We had a great day on the water full of wildlife! The morning started out pretty foggy but had over a thousand common dolphins. This afternoon we found another big pod of long-beaked common dolphins feeding under birds and there were also 3 humpbacks in the area of the feeding frenzy. Two of the humpbacks were a cow/calf pair that are easily recognizable and have been seen in San Diego the last few days. The mother has a distinct overbite and is missing most of her baleen! Its hard to tell if this is an old injury or a genetic abnormality but either way she is big, healthy, and is raising a calf. There was also a single humpback we viewed as well and had a couple pods of offshore bottlenose dolphins come right to us while with the whale. This humpback “kelped”, draping a kelp patty over its head and then its flukes!
This evening we found a sneaky northbound gray whale, and then the same solo humpback and a Mola mola!


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