We had two fun trips today! During the afternoon tour, we set out to the west, got to the drop-off and went north. We followed the contour to a big pod of ~700 Long-beaked Common dolphins! They were in a long line that spanned a half a mile! We cruised with them to the NW. We got out to 12-miles from shore and cruised south. On our way back in, we likely found the same big pod of Commons, headed south this time. They were lots of fun! They bow-rode the boat and surfed in our wake. Many cow/calf pairs sighted all around. Vocal terns followed them and dove into the water to feed. During the sunset trip, we zoomed down to the south. Beyond Point Loma, we enjoyed amazing views of downtown San Diego, the Coronado Bridge and way down into Tijuana, MX. While there, we sighted 4 or 5 huge feeding frenzies! We observed birds diving into the water and feeding on small schooling fish. We encountered a huge pod of ~500 Long-beaked Common dolphins also feeding! They were enjoying our wake and surfed our bow! The sunset was amazing!

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