The Fin whale action continues! We set out out of the Mission Bay jetties and sighted a handful of Inshore Bottlenose dolphins south of the jetties. About 2-miles out, we encountered a big pod of Long-beaked Common dolphins cruising to the East. We caught up with the pod and observed birds and sea lions following them. We even noticed a pair of Brown Boobies passing by our boat. We continued to the drop-off and sighted a couple spouts nearby. Two Fin whales were playing follow the leader. One whale would surface and then about 25-feet behind it, the second whale would surface. A few times they even synchronized their breaths. They even cruised right by our boat, only ~30-feet from our port side! It was amazing! We got to see the lower right white jaw, the distinctive characteristic of Fin whales.

Come on out soon! The whale activity has been awesome!

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