It was a nice day watching whales and dolphins! During the morning tour, we set out toward the SW. We sighted a tall spout out in front of us. While waiting for it to surface again, a Fin whale surfaced right next to us! we got awesome looks as it went north. Another Fin whale popped up next to it. We watched the pair travel north, without any major sounding dives. It was a sunny day, so we could see the blueish glow as they cruised near the surface. During the sunset tour, we set out toward the west and noticed some splashing to the NW of us. We found a big pod of ~100 Long-beaked Common dolphins heading toward the coast. The pod spanned about a half of a mile. We observed some big splashes out in the distance and found a second larger pod of about 200 individuals that were traveling south. Lots of cow/calf pairs were in the mix! The seas were mellowing out as the day went on, tomorrow should be pretty nice. Hope to sea you there!

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