It was a bumpy one today but that didn’t stop the whales! Our morning trip had a small nursery pod of long beaked common dolphins about 4 miles out. There were some really small babies in the group! We pushed to 7 miles and found a cow-calf pair of fin whales! We stuck with them for 2 cycles before they started snorkeling and gave us the slip. Our afternoon trip was amazing! We found another small pod of long beaks about 3 miles out. We soared to almost 8 miles out and found 3 fin whales! We first spotted a single fin and stayed with it for one cycle before spotting the same cow-calf pair from the morning trip. The calf was super surface active and they popped up right off our bow and next to our right side. They gave us a really great show!
We had a fun sunset tour! We spotted a huge pod of Long-beaked Common dolphins with an estimated 200 individuals in the mix. They were cruising to the south. Many cow/calf pairs were observed! We were completely surrounded as they surfed in our wake rode the bow. We set out to the west, and sighted a spout on the horizon! We got great looks at a single Fin whale! It began to travel to the south. We sighted another spout inside of us as well!
Brooke & Vanessa
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