May gray is here and in full force! Our morning trip headed out to sea and found a small pod of long beaked common dolphins. There were lots of babies in this one. We pushed further and came across a pod of offshore bottlenose dolphins! They were pretty surface active and excited. We also got to catch up with a pretty good Minke Whale! We finished our trip off with an amazing pod of Risso’s dolphins! There was a calf that kept breaching over and over again. Our afternoon trip spent some time with another small pod of long beaks and we got a super cool opportunity to see a mako shark! Our sunset trip pushed out to the Northwest and found a small pod of about 50 long beaks that had a couple babies in the group. We travelled 7 miles out and found THREE fin whales! Two were massive and had really tall spouts. 2 of them popped up close to us, one right off the bow and another right off our stern. We got a lot of great looks and stayed with them for several cycles before making our way back in.

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