It was finny out there today! Our morning trip was absolutely AMAZING! We started strong with a small pod of long beaked common dolphins about 3 miles out. There were loads of babies in this group, we’re thinking it may have been a nursery pod. Continuing out, we had a fly by from a Masked Booby! We pushed to 9 miles and found a bunch of Fin whales! One of them came right up to us and swam underneath it! We saw every single detail of it’s tail fluke and all of its white spots along the body! It was the coolest interaction for everyone on the boat, passenger and crew alike! We turned towards the shore and came across 6 more Fin whales on the way back in! Our afternoon trip set out on the Pacific with high hopes and we were not disappointed. We came across a mixed pod of about 200 long and short beaked common dolphins. There were also lots of babies in this group as well. We pushed as far west as we could, 13.5 miles, and found 9 more Fin whales! 3 of them popped up right next to us! On our way back in, we found a nice pod of offshore bottlenose dolphins about 3 miles out.
Our Sunset trip was a fin-tastic finale to and already wonderful day! We saw 3 Fin whales, a cow calf pair and an escort! We also saw short beaked common dolphins, long beaked common dolphins chasing squid, and Risso’s dolphins that were breaching and goofing around!


Brooke & Alison

DSC4540 | San Diego Whale Watch 1 DSC4658 | San Diego Whale Watch 3

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