It’s busy out there! Our morning trip had amazing conditions and lots of life. We spotted a blue whale about 5 miles from shore! We stuck with it for at least 6 cycles. It’s dive times kept changing from 4 to 6 to 8 minutes. We also spotted some offshore bottlenose dolphins about a mile away! We got a couple brief looks. Our afternoon trip set out on the same mission. We were 7.5 miles away from Mission Bay when we found 2 blue whales! We stuck with one for about 4 cycles and only got a quick look at the second one. We waited for 15 minutes for one of them to surface before waving goodbye. On our way back in, a Fin whale popped up in our wake! We turned around and stuck with it for one cycle and it was a big fin whale! We were welcomed back to the marina by a small group of inshore bottlenose. On our sunset trip, we headed northwest to see if we could catch up with the whales we saw earlier. We sighted multiple spouts on the horizon, we stopped and hung out with a feeding fin whale for a while. We got plenty of good looks! The golden light of sunset really illuminated those spouts like magic! Near the jetties we spotted some coastal bottle nose, a cow calf pair were making their way back out to the ocean as we headed in for the night.
It was a beautiful day on the water!

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