The Blue whales are still in town! We had a wonderful day full of Blue whales, Bottlenose dolphins, Common dolphins and birds! We left our dock and sighted ~5 Inshore bottlenose dolphins in the MB channel! Upon exiting the jetties, we were greeted to calm sea conditions and great visibility! We got to the drop-off and sighted tall, columnar spouts in front of us. A single Blue whale came up for 5-7 breaths and went down for a deep sounding dive by lifting its huge tail up high in the sky! We were so lucky to witness its tail on every deep dive! After saying goodbye, we caught up with a pod of ~30 Offshore bottlenose dolphins that were headed north. There was a cow/calf pair in the mix! On our afternoon trip, we set out to the NW and sighted spouts and splashes on the horizon after reaching the drop-off! We caught up with a huge pod of ~200 Short-beaked Common dolphins! They were launching out of the water like rockets! We observed non-stop action as they breached all around us like popcorn! Not too far, was a Blue whale that came up for 3-4 breaths and dove without flukes lifted. We caught up with the shorties again, and then spotted another Blue whale. It was resting just below the surface for 5-7min before it surfaced for air. We loved watching for the beautiful blue glow! We finally got looks at the tail of one of the whales as it very slowly arched for a dive. It lifted its flukes only a couple inches off the waters surface. We cruised by the shorties one more time! We were so lucky to observe 4 Blue whales and numerous spouts in the distance!

We have one afternoon tour tomorrow, come on out and enjoy the ocean and all it has to offer!

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