We enjoyed non-stop action from both toothed and baleen whales! That is always our goal anytime we head out to sea and today we were so amazed! Our first sighting was in the Mission Bay channel of a couple of juvenile Inshore bottlenose dolphins! We set out to the west and sighted some diving birds. Underneath was ~100 Long-beaked Common dolphins cruising to the west in the swell. The first half of the group came straight over to us and surfed in our wake! We got great looks as they bow-rode the boat too! Tiny little football-sized calves popped up all around us! We carried on toward the drop-off and sighted some spouts out in the distance! We caught up with FIVE Blue whales! The first two was a pair that circled around, likely feeding. We sighted ~20 Offshore bottlenose dolphins swimming in front of them and beside them! Another pair was sighted south of us, observed traveling to the north toward us. Then another single popped up pretty close to us! We got amazing looks as they lifted their majestic tails out of the water and went down for a sounding dive! The bottlenose continued south, while the Blues circled around the drop-off. We watched them go for ~8 to 15-min dives in about ~980-ft of water! We waved a spectacular good-bye as two out of three Blue whales lifted their tail-flukes!

NOW is the time to come on out! We would love to show you the best Blue whale watching we’ve seen in years!

Vanessa 217A4435 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 1