June 30, 2023
A wonderful time out on the pacific! Our Sunset cruise was a stunner!!!
We headed out to sea to see what we could find! About 8 miles from shore we hit the whale hotspot zone! There were a handful of whales in the area but we got good looks at one of them! This whale was super low profile, it had an 8 min dive time and would sometimes just dissapear. After we got a couple good looks at it, we went for the dolphins! We had a pod of about ~150 common dolphins cruising by the boat, catching our wake and gleaming in the warm glowing light of sunset. We headed back to shore as the sun slipped behind the horizon. These trips are always way too short!
But that’s ok – WE’LL BE BACK TOMORROW! ( you should be here too)

Alison DSC9656 | San Diego Whale Watch 1 DSC9686 | San Diego Whale Watch 3

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