It was beautiful out there! We enjoyed nice calm seas throughout the day. There was a bit of fog in the morning but didn’t stop us from finding seven different pods of dolphins! We started the trip observing a fun pod of Long-beaked Common dolphins! Our pods range in size between 30 to 200 individuals! We observed so many tiny calves in mostly all the pods. We even hung out with a huge pod of Short-beaked Common dolphins! They were so fun to watch as they breached and launched out of the water! We also got see a purple-striped jellyfish, and an unidentified juvenile shark (likely a Blue or Mako)! We had an amazing afternoon tour! We set out to the west, and caught up with a couple pods of Long-beaked Common dolphins! They were scattered all around on our way out. We got to the drop-off and sighted a pod of ~30 Offshore bottlenose dolphins! They surfed next to us! The water so brilliantly blue and clear that we got see every movement. Then we spotted a tall columnar spout! We found a Blue whale circling the area! We got views as it came up for breaths, the roll of the back and the big beautiful tail! A small handful of Inshore bottlenose dolphins were sighted on our way in!

We had a wonderful sunset trip as whale! The sunset was spectacular and we got to experience an amazing show from several scattered pods of short-beaked common dolphins. In total we saw about ~250 short-beaked common dolphins and ~8 inshore bottlenose dolphins. We encountered the inshore bottlenose dolphins at the beginning of our trip and the short-beaked common dolphins were found about 7 miles offshore. The short-beaked common dolphins were jumping out and bow-riding!
Its always a swell time at sea and we’d love to have you guys onboard soon!

Vanessa and Melissa

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