No sky July is here but so are the whales! Our morning trip was foggy and gray but the blues were out to play in droves. We came across a pod of about 50 long beaked common dolphins feeding on schooling fish. We got to see lots of babies and some big jumps. We arrived about 7 miles from shore and hung out with 4 blue whales with 2 more off in the distance! We got great looks at them and they had pretty short dive times. We headed back and came across even more long beaks with even more babies. We were welcomed back to the marina by about 10 inshore bottlenose dolphins. Our afternoon trip had the same goal in mind. We headed to the exact same place as the first trip and came across the dolphins and the whales in the same spots! Lots of baby dolphins and about 6 blue whales. As we were coming in, we came across about 150 more long beaks. We have one more trip so stay tuned!


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