We had two awesome trips today! On the morning trip we set out to the west and sighted ~7 Inshore Bottlenose dolphins! They were cruising to the north very slowly. We noticed some diving birds to the west and found a fun pod of ~150 Long-beaked Common dolphins! Some were feeding while others traveled to the west. We got great looks as they surfed our wake and bow-rode the boat! We continued toward the drop-off and sighted more Commons out there! This time they were the less observed Short-beaked Common dolphins! They were breaching and porpoising all around us! We even observed a few displaying amazing acrobatics, as they launched out of the water 10-ft high! During the afternoon trip we set out to the west, and encountered pod after pod of Long-beaked Common dolphins! We probably sighted close to 13 different pods along the way! The cow/calf pairs were so itty bitty and adorable! We got really lucky and sighted a single Blue whale to the north of us beyond La Jolla! We got a few quick looks, but it kept traveling to the north. On our way in, a pod of ~10 Offshore Bottlenose dolphins popped up in front of us! They came over to say hi, but continued to the north.

Hope you’ll join us for a fun adventure on the water soon!

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