July 3, 2023
We are running out of ways to say incredible! Take my breath away! This is by far the best summer I’ve seen on the Pacific! Blue Whales are abundant and the dolphins are always just little bit magical!
Our oceans are so full of life! Our First trip- we found common dolphins right out the gates! It’s a feeding frenzy out there! We must have unlimited bait fish in our waters! We had scattered common dolphins for miles on end! Hundreds of them! We encountered 3 blue whales on this trip and they gave us quite the show! We got good looks at their fluke (this rarely happens).
We trekked home to prepare for our second trip and were again, accompanied by endless dolphins!
Our Second trip was no less spectacular! We started the trip off with even more dolphins and 6 Blue whales! We got to spend time hanging out with 3 of the six but – we were utterly surrounded! It was incredible! We got a close pass with one of these whales and Capt. Bryan turned our motors completely off – We all waited in silence for the whale to resurface. The powerful reverberating whoosh of breath from a the largest animal to ever live swept us all off our feet!

During our sunset trip, we encountered some more dolphriends at the very beginning of our trip. We saw about ~150 long-beaked common dolphins. We also saw several different types of seabirds such as brown pelicans, western gulls, and elegant terns all feeding on the same bait ball. Then, we followed one beautiful blue whale further up north near La Jolla, this blue whale led us to multiple blue whales! We saw 4 blue whales and got closer looks at 3 of them. There were several more spouts out in the distance. The glow from the sunset really illuminated their spouts and it was such an amazing sight to see. We always feel blessed when we get the chance to see multiple blue whales and dolphins! There is SO much life in the ocean!

Alison and Melissa

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