We had Whale of a Day! The Blue kind! We caught up with Blue whales and Common dolphins on both tours! We started the day with a pod of ~100 Long-beaked Common dolphins! They were seen feeding under diving birds. There were many little calves seen jumping out of the water. We continued out to the west, searching for tall coloumnar spouts. It took us a bit, but we finally sighted one almost 9-miles from shore! We caught up with 2 Blue whales! We even witnessed one of the whales lifting its big beautiful tail! We sighted a big pod of ~100 Short-beaked Common dolphins too! They were so fun to watch! They breached and porpoised all around us! We even sighted ~7 Mola mola, 1 Flying fish, and 1 purple-striped jellyfish! On the afternoon tour, we set out to the west and at around 3-miles we sighted another pod of ~100 Long-beaked Common dolphins, also feeding! The water so vibrant, blue and clear, that we could see every movement as they swam under the waters surface. Beyond the drop-off we encountered a pair of Blue whales! They were playing follow-the-leader and traveled to the north! They had short dive times of 5 to 8-min. We observed the gorgeous turquoise Blue Glow and whale poop! The rusty orange colored poop indicated they were feeding on krill! Another two fun pods of Common dolphins were seen on our way home! On our sunset trip we encountered a big pod of a few hundred long-beaked common dolphins feeding with birds and spotted 3 blue whales, getting good looks at 2 of them!


Vanessa & Ryan

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