It was real glowey out there today! Our morning trip caught up with a small pod of feeding long beaked common dolphins. There were a few babies skipping through the waves feeding on squid. We saw a 4 Molas but only got to spend some time with 2 before they sunk out on us. We travelled 7 miles out and came across a big blue whale! This whale was definitely in travel mode and was acting kind of squirrely but we still got some good looks. Our afternoon trip was beautiful. The sun came out and the wind died down a little. We came across about 150 long beaks about 5 miles out. Lots of babies and lots of feedings. Not a great day to be a squid! 10.5 miles out we found 3 blue whales, one of them showed off it’s fluke! The sun was just right and the blue glow was incredible!

We have one more trip so stay tuned!

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