Thursday, August 10, 2023

Another exciting day full of various types of cetaceans found off our pacific coast! We had excellent sea conditions during our afternoon trip! We encountered several scattered pods of long-beaked common dolphins about ~230 LB common dolphins in total were sighted throughout the trip! We also sighted a large and active pod of ~250 short-beaked common dolphins. The third species of toothed whales comprised of ~80 offshore bottlenose dolphins. It was a fairly close-knit and large pod including several cow/calf pairs!

We experienced great sea conditions during our sunset trip as whale! We travelled southwest towards Mexico and encountered a massive pod of ~800 long-beaked common dolphins! We hung out with them for most of our trip as there were bow-riding, surfing in our boat’s wake and porpoising in and out of the water. There’s never a dull moment out on the big blue ocean! We hope you come aboard with us soon.



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