We enjoyed an action-packed sunset trip today! We travelled west past the drop-off and encountered a pod of ~700 long-beaked common dolphins. They were very active today, leaping in and out of the water and creating large splashes. They also started to stampede as whale! Many of the long-beaked common dolphins were bow-riding and surfing our boat’s wake. We saw two Mola-molas out at sea. On our way back to Quivera Basin, we were able to see the sun starting to set over the horizon and a beautifully full moon rise over Ocean Beach! I believe it will be a completely full Blue moon tomorrow night! It’s always an adventurous time on the water with us. We hope to see you all aboard the Privateer soon.


IMG 0473 | San Diego Whale Watch 13
August 29, 2023 21
IMG 0658 | San Diego Whale Watch 15
August 29, 2023 22
IMG 0721 | San Diego Whale Watch 17
August 29, 2023 23
IMG 0597 | San Diego Whale Watch 19
August 29, 2023 24