We’ve got the blues! The good kind! (Blue Whales) FEELS LIKE SUMMER!
Man oh man today has been so good to us!
We started our morning with ALL of the dolphins! We encountered hundreds of long beaked common dolphins that were bow riding and racing at top speed through the waves- porpoising through the swells to keep up with us! After that we quickly found a pod of short beaked common dolphins! They they looked like hundreds of little jumping beans popping out of the water all at once! We turned around to head bac to shore feeling a bit defeated that we hadn’t found a whale when AN ENORMOUS BLUE WHALE popped up right in front of us! We got a few glimpses at it before having to head back to the dock. Our second trip – we knew just where to go to find this blue whale so we RACED out southwest to catch up with it! When we got there – we found – NOT ONE BUT TWO BLUE WHALES! They were swimming side by side, fin in fin. We got some incredible looks at the sapphire glow that earned them their name! We all watched in awe as they calmly drifted just below the surface.
We hung out with these whales until we had to head back – but we had some short beaked common dolphins to escort us home!
It’s magic out here!

The sunset trip was so beautiful! We had smooth seas and incredible visibility! The further we got out to the west, the smoother it got. Once we got to the drop-off, all of the wildlife started to show up. We started seeing birds flying high searching below them. Then some splashes to the NW of us caught our eye! We had found a huge pod of Long-beaked Common dolphins! They were traveling to the coast. At first, we estimated there to be around 200-300 individuals, but as we spent more time with them we noticed the pod getting larger! We could see dolphins 2-miles to the north of us and a mile south of us! We also observed so much surface activity, such as breaching, porpoisng, and belly flops! We could hear them whistling below our feet. Many cow/calf pairs were in the mix! The sunset was gorgeous!
Alison and Vanessa IMG 2248 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 1 IMG 2291 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 3 DSC1033 | San Diego Whale Watch 5 DSC1125 | San Diego Whale Watch 7 DSC1197 | San Diego Whale Watch 9 DSC1312 | San Diego Whale Watch 11 217A8414 | San Diego Whale Watch 13

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