San Diego is best explored by boat due to its coastal location and richness of marine life. Whether you choose San Diego boat tours via a high-speed adventure or a leisurely boat trip, you’ll be treated to breathtaking city views and an expert guide. U.S. News concluded that the following are the finest San Diego boat tours after examining tourist and expert views.

Best San Diego Boat Tours (Discuss Things That Make Them Great)

San Diego is all about boats. It not only has the third-biggest port on the West Coast, but it also has the largest artificial aquatic park in the United States, Mission Bay. With so much bay and ocean to explore, there are plenty of options to go out on the water. Make friends with whales. Organize a romantic sunset cruise. Relive the past. Enjoy your meal while floating. Throw your line and fish till the sun goes down. Whatever your pleasure, a salt-water experience awaits you.

Flagship Cruises & Events – San Diego Harbor Cruise Full Bay Tour

This two-hour tour brings visitors to the greatest attractions in San Diego Bay, including the Star of India ship, the Maritime Museum of San Diego, the Coronado Bridge, and more. The ship has a full-service bar and refreshments, and the guides’ commentary is both amusing and educational. Every day, there are many departures in the morning and afternoon. Tickets for the triple-decker boats begin at $37 for adults and $27.75 for youngsters aged 4 to 12. If you don’t have much time, take an hour-long sail around the bay, either north or south.

Everyday California – La Jolla Sea Cave Kayak Tour

Everyday California provides 90-minute excursions to the La Jolla Underwater Park and Ecological Reserve, where visitors can tour the area’s seven underwater caves and see sharks, whales, and sea lions. The excursion leaves many times daily and is restricted to 20 kayaks (all must be at least five years old). Costs vary based on the day and hour, but a kayak may cost between $85 and $130 (single or double occupancy). Everyday California also provides kayaking and snorkeling adventures.

San Diego SEAL Tours

San Diego SEAL Tours provides a 90-minute land and marine tour of San Diego. The Hydra-Terra vehicle is amphibious, and the guides will teach you about the region’s history and point out the bay’s resident seals and sea lions. Tickets are around $45 for adults, $30 for children aged 4 to 12, and $10 for babies aged three and under. Tours begin at 10 a.m. and may be coupled with a trolley trip.

Sail San Diego – Day Sail – 3 Hours

The three-hour Day Cruise from Sail San Diego may be tailored to concentrate on San Diego Bay or the Pacific Ocean. Captains act as tour guides, and dolphins and other marine animals are often seen. The tour itself, parking, coats and binoculars, and complimentary refreshments and drinks are all included in the $100 ticket price. The excursions begin at 1 p.m. every day and are limited to six people at a time. Sunset sailing and whale viewing trips are also available via Sail San Diego.

Adventure Whale Watching – Whale Watching

Adventure Depending on the season, Whale Watching provides trips to observe various whale varieties. Gray, blue, fin, Bryde’s, and humpback whales are often seen in the spring and summer, while minke, fin, and humpback whales are commonly seen in the autumn and winter. Dolphins, sea lions, and seals may be observed all year. Naturalists operate the RIBs and give information on marine creatures throughout the three-hour excursions. Tours leave twice or thrice daily, in the morning, noon, and afternoon.

Self-Guided San Diego Boat Tours

During an exciting 2-hour trip in San Diego, you’ll be the captain of your speed boat. Your guide will provide hilarious and interesting commentary as you speed around San Diego Bay.

This 2-hour trip combines the best of both worlds, making it ideal for people with a free spirit and a sense of adventure who want to take advantage of a guided tour.

You will be the captain of your speed boat while being guided by a qualified, educated guide who will keep you updated through the 2-way communication system installed in each boat.

The excitement of driving your boat, combined with the safety of having a trained guide show you the highlights, is an exhilarating and spontaneous mix. Even the marine lions will clap for you!

San Diego Boat Tours At Sunset (Relaxed Sunset Cruise)

Enjoy the most sought-after and treasured San Diego sunset on one of the island’s top boats! When touring the San Diego waterfront — from the iconic white beach to the coastlines — take in the breathtaking sights from its big deck.

This stylish but reasonably priced sunset tour includes a unique net down the side of the boat where you may recline and watch the island’s golden hour while eating ham and cheese and drinking non-alcoholic drinks.

If you like San Diego boat tours, a sunset cruise is one of the most popular activities in San Diego today.