Guess what friends?! Blue whales are still in town! We had a wonderful afternoon trip today! We saw two blue whales located near the drop-off! We had incredibly close up looks at both blue whales. We spent more time with the first blue whale and it raised their flukes 4 times! We also caught up with 2 separate pods of ~500 long-beaked common dolphins for a total of ~1000 long-beaked common dolphins during our trip! Please stay tuned for our sunset trip.

We had a beautiful sunset trip with awesome interactions with a pod of ~200 Short-beaked Common dolphins! They were seen on the drop-off and at first were spread out, but after spending time with them they cruised all around us. We enjoyed watching the calves pop up nearby. There were some acrobatic individuals that breached, and tail-slapped. There was a lot of bird activity everywhere we went as well!

We hope you’ll join us soon! You never know what you’ll see out there!

Melissa & Vanessa

217A1438 | San Diego Whale Watch 19
September 1, 2023 31
217A1208 | San Diego Whale Watch 21
September 1, 2023 32
217A1490 | San Diego Whale Watch 23
September 1, 2023 33
217A1698 | San Diego Whale Watch 25
September 1, 2023 34
IMG 1089 | San Diego Whale Watch 27
September 1, 2023 35
IMG 1166 | San Diego Whale Watch 29
September 1, 2023 36