The Pacific Ocean was abundant with various types of cetaceans today! During our afternoon trip, we saw 5 inshore bottlenose dolphins within the jetty! Then, before we reached the drop-off we encountered a pod of ~75 long-beaked common dolphins. They were being very active today, jumping in and out of the water and surfing our wake. Then, we travelled up northwest towards La Jolla and sighted one minke whale! We also saw 4 Mola-molas throughout our trip. Towards the end of the trip, we also saw a pod of ~25 short-beaked common dolphins off in the distance.

For our sunset trip, we saw a small pod of ~8 inshore bottlenose dolphins right outside of the jetty. Then, we encountered a pod of ~20 offshore bottlenose dolphins. They were making massive splashes and jumping up into air! We went back north towards La Jolla and found another common minke whale on our way back to the coast. We also enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the way back to Quivera basin which concluded our magical day at sea. We hope you guys come join us on the Privateer soon.


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