We had an eventful day out on the water today! We saw about ~25 long-beaked common dolphins during our afternoon trip. For the sunset trip, we headed straight out west and encountered one juvenile Bryde’s whale even before the drop- off. We hung out with this Bryde’s whale for several breath cycles. We also enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL sunset on the way back to Quivera Basin. The sky was painted rainbow with pink clouds. We look forward to more trips coming up later this week!


IMG 6978 | San Diego Whale Watch 1
September 26, 2023 9
217A5680 | San Diego Whale Watch 3
September 26, 2023 10
217A5710 | San Diego Whale Watch 5
September 26, 2023 11
IMG 6986 | San Diego Whale Watch 7
September 26, 2023 12