September 3, 2023
Today was both heartbreaking and full of laughter and joy!
Our Afternoon trip started with spotting a humpback whale just 3 miles from shore! Upon closer inspection – we discovered that the whale was actually entangled in an old abandon lobster trap. We were overjoyed to see that a humpback whale had made it’s way down to San Diego but incredibly sad to see it in such poor condition. Luckily the whale disentanglement team from Sea World is just a phone call away. All the whale watching boats in San Diego took turns babysitting the whale until Sea World arrived to disentangle it.
We never got word on the whale but – it wasn’t in the one place it had been hanging out so we think it’s safe to assume this little whale is safe and off to it’s next adventure!
We also found some Bluefin tuna boiling! They were so surface active we thought they were dolphins at first!
Sunset started of EXPLOSIVELY! Capt. John Spotted a HUGE splash off in the distance and it turned out to be a serial breaching minke! We watched in awe as this minke whale erupted out of the ocean like an enormous living torpedo OVER AND OVER again! On our way back in we spied some short beaked common dolphins and watched as they plowed through the swell pourposing at high speeds!


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September 3, 2023 3