October 1, 2023
We’re starting the spooky season off right! We had wonderful biodiversity on our trips today!
We had a mega pod of common dolphins – meaning OVER A THOUSAND DOLPHINS to start our afternoon trip. This enormous pod was spotted working its way up the drop off! We hung out with them for a while as they bow rode and raced around our boat! We turned north shortly after finding them to find a small pod of offshore bottlenose, brown booby, Bryde’s whale and a minke whale all in the same area! The Bryde’s and Minke were hard to track and totally erratic but we got good looks at both as they hopscotched around the boat. Before turning back to head home, we saw shark fins briefly skim the waters surface – we have no idea what type it was but SO COOL to see.
Even our favorite little ocean ghosts (Risso’s dolphins)popped up to say hi and ring in spooky season! Risso’s are always a delight to see!

Fall is a pristine time to get out on the water with calm seas and new life migrating through! We hope to see you soon!