TWO Humpback Tuesday! We hung out with a pair of Humpback whales all day! During our morning tour we set out to the west and sighted birds everywhere along the drop-off. We followed the contour to the south and sighted some splashes near our friends on the America, a beautiful sailing vessel. We caught up with a big pod of ~100 Long-beaked Common dolphins! At the same instance, we sighted two big spouts! While waiting for the whales to surface, we hung out with the dolphins that were traveling fast to the north. They were so fun to watch as they porpoised, breached, and surfed all around the Privateer. We waved goodbye and continued to the SE, as the Humpies traveled to the drop-off. We got awesome looks at their synchronized spouts! We even got to see their flukes as they went down for a deep dive.

We had an amazing Sunset tour! We pointed our nose to the last known position of the pair of Humpbacks, crossing our fingers to catch up with them again! We were in luck! They only traveled a couple miles from where we left them, but this time they were going North! We were very interested in their direction of travel, because most Humpbacks this time of year are headed south. We didn’t mind, because that allowed us more time to spend with them. The sea conditions were glassy and calm and the Humpbacks seemed to match the vibe. We noticed one of the Humpbacks had V-shaped spout! The sunset was pure magic!

Hope to sea ya on the next one!