We were rockin’ and rollin’ out on the Pacific today! We set out for our afternoon tour and caught up with two Humpback whales on the drop-off headed south. They were cruising at ~5kts and were synchronizing their breaths! We love to see a double spout! One of the whale consistently lifted its flukes on almost every dive. We were about to leave the area, when a pod of ~50 Long-beaked Common dolphins were sighted beyond the Humpbacks. The whales waved goodbye by both raising their tails on our last cycle with them! The dolphins were seen feeding under some diving birds. We could see them chase the small bait fish near the surface. The swells calmed a bit on the sunset tour. We had great visibility, but the marine wildlife became quiet. We sighted many birds out there, including a Brown Booby. The sunset was perfect!

Sea you soon!