We made some new dolphriends today! We set out to the west and endured some bumpy but fun seas! We sighted a huge pod of ~200 Long-beaked Common dolphins at the drop-off! They were racing to the north, following the contour of the drop-off. Many of the dolphins raced toward the bow of the boat to bow-ride and before we knew it we were surrounded! They fell into a nice traveling groove, as they porpoised in and out of the waves, basically creating waves of dolphins! We got to witness cow/calf pairs pop up all around us! They were adorable! We cruised to the south and sighted a small 3ft. Mako shark breach twice, right next to the boat! Then we found a Mola mola! It was just chillin at the surface. Our ride in was smooth and had nice views of the coastline.

We have a morning trip tomorrow, so we hope you’ll join us for a fun time on the water!