October 11, 2023
We had a bumpy ride out there today! Some morning wind kicked the waves up but that didn’t stop us from finding wildlife! We found an enormous pod of long beaked common dolphins! They were BLASTING to the north east so we had so work cut out for us to catch up with them. Once we edged in closer they all started swimming towards the boat to catch a ride in our wake! We cruised north east with the pod until we had to turn and come home. As soon as we turned – a humpback whale breached put of no where about 60ft from our vessel! We decided it was alright to be a little slow on the return if we could get another glimpse of this exuberant whale! We followed it south for a few breath cycles only sighting it’s blow a few more times. Always wonderful when our seas are full of life!
The humpbacks are on their way down from the pacific north west! We should be seeing them cruise through San Diego more often for the next couple months as they make their annual migration to Cabo San Lucas!

Can’t wait to share these oceans with you!