Embark on a Dolphins and Humpback Whale Watching journey with us!

We were dolphinitely rocking and rolling today on the boat! However, we were still able to sight several types of cetaceans today! During our morning trip we sighted scattered pods of ~100 long-beaked common dolphins. We also saw lots of bird activity during the morning trip. For our afternoon trip, we sighted a beautiful humpback whale! We hung out with it for multiple breath cycles and saw it lift their flukes several times as well.

Our Sunset trip started off early with some seriously gorgeous clouds making it look like sunset, and hour before it actually was and that warm, toasty light held strong through our whole trip! When we found dolphins as the sun was nearing the horizon it was so magical watching their dorsal fins slicing through the dark water with rivets of gold light erupting from their wake!

Melissa & Alison