Embark on an enchanting Humpback Whales and Dolphins Encounter!

There was a very intimidating fog bank reducing our visibility before we even got out to the ocean but WE FOUND TWO HUMPBACKS!
We headed west deep into a fog bank that made visibility feel like a distant memory. Once we got a few miles from shore, the fog burned off and gave way to gorgeous glassy seas and blue skies.
We heard whispers on the radio of some interesting life a bit further off shore so we headed in that direction. We found two humpback whales that were being quite playful with each other. Not only that, they were accompanied by a small pod of Pacific White Sides Dolphins ( or LAGs for short) LAGs are a super friendly species of dolphin. We often see them surfing on the nose of large baleen species of whale – which is what they were doing today! We would see 3-4 dolphins surface – then a whale would follow with a big breath just behind them. Interspecies interactions are always so magical to see, you could tell in the body language of the whales and dolphins that all were having a great time playing around!

Just another incredible day out on the Pacific!