Join our Common Dolphin Watching Adventure! Witness playful dolphins riding waves and a stunning sunset at sea.

We had fun rolling with the waves today! We set out to the west toward the drop-off on both trips. During the afternoon tour, we caught up with two pods of Common dolphins. Our first sighting was a pod of ~50 Long-beaked Common dolphins. They were traveling to the south and then switched directions and went east. We watched surf in our wake and ride the bow. We continued on and sighted some big splashes to the west of us. We caught up with a pod of ~250 Short-beaked Common dolphins. Some were breaching and splashing! We noticed a handful of cow/calf pairs! A couple even rode the bow! Some of the dolphins seemed to enjoyed the bigger waves. We cruised out on our sunset cruise but got skunked! We loved the gorgeous sunset though! We caught a glimpse of the green flash!

Sea ya on the next one!


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