The early boat gets the whale! Wait… that’s not how that goes!
We did get the whale and all the dolphins this morning!
Dolphins right out of the gate and dappled through our entire trip! We hung out with our friendly lil grey whale that’s been chilling just off the coast of La Jolla for the last few days! The calm glassy seas allowed for a great view of the whale even when it was fully submerged! Our whale watching skills were tested on our afternoon trip today! We headed north in search of the gray whale from the morning trip. We were 3 miles out at our furthest point. We headed as far north as we could in case this whale decided to head the same way. We pushed south east and were only a mile out from Bird Rock when captain John spotted a wispy spout! We slowly made our way over, trying not to lose the whale. We got some AMAZING looks at this gray whale! It came super close to us a couple of times and we got to see it barrel roll through some kelp. We stuck with this whale for a while, about 30 minutes. Hope to catch you on the next one!

Alison & Brooke