We had a miraculous start to the day today a STAMPEDE LIKE NONE OTHER!
We also had a sweet lil grey whale that gave us a few good looks!
We were just a couple miles from shore when the most incredible stampede erupted from the ocean! All the dolphins were RUSHING to go who knows where but man were they enthused! We watched HUNDREDS of them for a long time leaping SO high out of the water over and over again!

We had an amazing sunset trip with sightings of ~10 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins and our kelp crawling Gray whale friend! The dolphins were popping up all around our boat and then got to observe them feeding on small schooling fish! The Gray whale was hanging out in ~70-feet of water in the kelp forest! We got good looks as it cruised beside us by about 50-ft! We waved goodbye and continued out to the setting sun! In a matter of minutes, the sky went from gray to golden reddish orange!

Hope to sea you all on the next trip!

Alison & Vanessa