Gray whales are back in town! We caught up with the same single Gray whale we’ve been seeing hanging out in the kelp forest for the past few days. We saw it on both trips and seemed to be just milling about and often seen with kelp on its head! During the morning trip, we sighted Long-beaked Common dolphins! They were very active jumping out of the water and porpoising beside us. On the sunset trip, in addition to the single Gray whale kelp crawler, we sighted FOUR more Gray whales traveling south! Two of them were a mom and her calf, the first cow/calf pair of the season! Baby followed closely behind mom as they slowly cruised south. The seas were calm, the sunset was incredible with pinks, purples, and orange painted across the sky! The amazing sunset was the perfect backdrop while watching the Gray whales. To top it off, we witnessed a few tails being lifted in the fiery sunset!

Check your schedule, come out now! Sea you soon!

Ryan & Vanessa