Experience our Humpback and Pacific Dolphin Encounter!

We had a whale of a day! We spotted a juvenile Humpback traveling south only a few miles from shore! It popped up a couple times close to us! It had 3 min to 8-min dive times and lifted its tail once! Not to far from the whale, we caught up with an awesome pod of ~30 Pacific white-sided dolphins! We are so excited to see this seasonal species of dolphin to show up again. They visit during the winter/spring time. We sighted another spout to the north when we found the Humpback, and attempted to track it down, but had no luck. We expect to see Gray whales showing up more frequently, so come on out and try and find one! Our sunset trip got to hang out with the same group of Pacific White Sided dolphins and enjoy a beautiful sunset on the way in!

Vanessa & Brooke

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Join Our Humpback and Pacific Dolphin Encounter: A Sea Adventure Awaits! - December 2, 2023 23