We had an amazing day watching Gray whales and dolphins! During the morning trip, we set out and caught up with our Gray whale friend that has been hanging out in the La Jolla kelp forest. We’ve unofficially nicknamed him Jr. On the afternoon trip, we set out and found a single Gray whale and about 100 Common dolphins.

The sunset trip was pretty awesome, as we sighted Jr., the Gray Whales and Dolphins just outside of Mission Beach and seemed to be headed south! Another adult Gray whale was seen about 300 yards inside of Jr. and synchronizing its breaths with Jr. We waved goodbye and continued out to the west and sighted two huge spouts that belonged to a pair of southbound Gray whales! We got see a beautiful tail on almost every sounding dive from one of them. The sunset was gorgeous!

Now, is the time to come on out! Gray whale sightings are picking up!

Ryan & Vanessa

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