We enjoyed another Sunday Funday on the Privateer! The ocean was abundant with our cetacean friends today! During our morning trip, we saw ~200 long-beaked common dolphins and a Grey whale. Then, on our afternoon trip we caught up with another Grey whale and a Minke whale. Our sunset trip started with grey skies which matched our Grey whale friends! We encountered a Grey whale travelling northbound close to the kelp forests off of Point Loma and ~100 short-beaked common dolphins sighted past the drop-off. The skies cleared up towards the end of our trip for a bright orange sunset over the Pacific Ocean. We are still in the middle of Grey whale season and would love to have you guys onboard soon!

Vanessa, Ryan & Melissa

20240225 217A2176 | San Diego Whale Watch 19
February 25, 2024 31
20240225 217A2319 | San Diego Whale Watch 21
February 25, 2024 32
20240225 217A2529 | San Diego Whale Watch 23
February 25, 2024 33
20240225 217A2990 | San Diego Whale Watch 25
February 25, 2024 34
20240225 217A3044 | San Diego Whale Watch 27
February 25, 2024 35
20240225 217A3572 | San Diego Whale Watch 29
February 25, 2024 36
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